So many people and companies have had wrong definitions of Branding and Marketing, some define both of them as the same thing while others prefer one over the other but the truth is that both of them work hand in hand. Before we dive into the difference between branding and marketing let’s understand each one.


Branding is the promise given by a company to their audience which includes every aspect of the company from the visual representations to the product or services the company renders. In a more refined definition by branding expert Seth Godin he says that a brand is “the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” Your brand must have the same effect it has on your audience on your company members, your brand must be well defined and understood and that is why preferably branding should come before marketing.


Marketing is defined as the different ways and strategies a company uses to promote its products or services in a way that sparks the consumers to purchase the company’s product or services. Marketing is very important to every company because without marketing people won’t get to know what product or service a company is rendering, marketing is a very delicate part of the business because it has to be done right in the sense that if your marketing strategy is all about getting the money from the audience then the audience might not feel safe or might think that all the company wants is just their money and the product or service might not add value to them, on the other hand, if your marketing strategy is too transparent then the audience might not take the brand too serious to pay for the product or service.

So to get the balance when marketing your message must be informative, inspiring and educating/entertaining but after marketing that one thing that will make the customer come back is the branding so that brings us to the main question;


The difference between branding and marketing is that branding is all about the brand promise and expectations as regards the products or service while marketing is the different strategy in promoting the brand to the desired audience.

So I hope with this you will understand that branding and marketing work together though different both must coexist in order to have good sales and build the right relationship between a company and its audience.

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