Colour is an essential part of life, and for so many years colours have been a significant part of how people react to things visually and that is why choosing the right colour for your brand is very important. Most times brands tend to send the wrong message when they use the wrong colour for their target audience for example probably using purple colour for a brand that wants to offer its target audience affordable services, this is a wrong approach to this particular target audience because purple represents royalty and sophistication. So we decided to do research on a few colours that are mostly used by top brands and what they represent to better help brands with colour choices.


The black colour is unlike other colours which allow a particular wavelength of light to pass through them in other for humans to see comes from the absence of light, and for a colour which is as old as light, black still represents a modern appeal to people and also represents power, sophistication and timelessness, if you want your brand to stand out in a sophisticated and modern way black is a good colour choice.


The white colour has been closely associated with purity and cleanliness and that is probably why it is used in healthcare and children related brands, the white colour which is obtained from the absence of other colours can practically be used for any brand as it can attract trust by tapping from the feeling of purity and nobility.


The red colour is a very engaging colour as it tends to be very attractive and is always closely related to intense feelings such as Love, passion, anger, danger, and energy. According to scientists babies tend to see the red colour first besides black and white, humans have evolved to spot the red colour fast and the red colour is said to stimulate appetite this is why it’s often used in restaurants. So if want your brand to stand out in a loud, youthful and energetic way then Red is your colour.


The yellow colour is a colour that is closely associated with optimism, happiness and creativity. The fact the yellow colour is also associated with sunshine makes it a colour that depicts friendliness and hope, so if your brand wants to be known for creativity and optimism yellow is a good colour choice.


The orange colour though not as attention-grabbing as red is a very good colour to use if you want your brand to stand out and if you want to combine the energetic, passionate attribute of red and the creative and happy attribute of yellow.


The blue colour which is closely associated with the sky and the sea is attributed to trust and security. The blue colour is the most popular colour choice for top brands as it tends to bring a sense of confidence, maturity and trust to brands that use the colour.


The green colour represents safety, growth, and the green colour has a very strong cultural association and this makes green a colour that can be used by any brand depending on what audience you are trying to reach.


Colours are a very essential part of every brand because these colours create different reactions to the target audience, aside from the attributes of some colours mentioned above colour attributes are also affected by history and culture take for example the green colour represents growth or safety to many people in the 21st century but in the 18th century, the green colour represented death probably to the fact that a particular green dye that contained arsenic literally killed people around the 18th century. A cultural example is white which in some parts of the world represents purity but in India the white colour represents death, so when choosing your brand colour make sure you check it attributes and how it appeals to the culture of your target audience.

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