Is your Brand Well Defined?

Every time we’ve had the privilege of having a customer walk through our office door to request a design or a print job, we never shy away from discussing the subject of their brand before taking on the job.

Many business owners we’ve found know only about the Logo when it comes to branding for their business and even that is usually poorly done.

There are a lot of free apps online where you can get your logo designed but the templates given are either not fantastic or too generic. This is one of the reasons you may have come across two or three businesses with similar logos. But remember that getting a logo designed is not all there is to defining your brand.

Certain Things You Should Know About Branding

* It is more than just a Logo

* It is what you stand for

* It is the experience you provide

* It lives in the minds of your customers

All the elements that make up your business; your products and services, packaging, storefront, your customer service interaction, the colours of your logo and the logo itself, etc. all make up the experiences that customers have when they do business with you.

We usually recommend engaging the services of an expert who can help you through the process of picking the right name, defining the personality of your brand, building your brand ethos, developing a robust document, or the brand bible that guides everything the brand will ever do.

If you consider what you do serious business then it is imperative that you put in the right effort to get your business running the right way.

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