Top 5 Marketing and Branding Companies in Nigeria 

Many companies all over the world have become famous today with their products and services reaching every corner of the continents around the world. If you ever wonder why Apple, Google or Facebook are some of the most popular brands in the world, then you’ll know that it’s not magic. It’s the art of branding and marketing. 

Branding and marketing agencies are the wands with a mix of science and psychology that make brands become relevant. These agencies create a unique symbol and meaning for brands in a highly competitive market. Without branding, no business can communicate its brand values with customers or create trusting relationships with them. 

In this piece, we have curated a list of the best branding companies in Nigeria and why you should work with a branding company. 

Top 5 Reasons to Work With Branding Companies in Nigeria

1. Help Define Your Niche and Target Market

First, a branding company in Nigeria can help you establish a unique business designed for specific demographics of consumers. Defining your niche is very important if you want to thrive in the modern business world. You don’t want just any company trying hard to stay afloat in the sea of other competing brands. 

Furthermore, defining your niche will also help your company identify your target market. These are the consumers who will most likely want or need your products and services..

2. Stand Apart from your Competitors

Every company existing or about to exist wants to be different from the rest. You want your brand to have a spark that pulls customers to it. Branding companies in Nigeria have the necessary tools and techniques to help your brand be differentiated from the industry competitors by uniquely positioning your brand and what it stands for. 

3. Developing a Marketing Strategy

Once all of the elements of your brand are in place, you will be able to develop the best marketing strategy possible. Using content, social media and video are essential if you want to reach the widest audience possible. 

4. Access to Cross-Industry Experience & Expertise

Branding companies in Nigeria allows your brand to be handled by a group of people that have cross-industrye knowledge which will help your brand grow. With the years of experience, a branding agency has, you can tap into that fountain of knowledge to be more than just a generic brand. 

5. Boosts Business Value 

Branding agencies help build business value for investors and collaborators. This also brings in more ROI and increases the business’s value in the eyes of consumers.

Top 5 Branding Companies in Nigeria 

1. Printipy Agency: Printipy is a top-notch Nigerian branding agency that is poised to sustain the cultural value of African businesses through branding by leveraging time-relevant branding techniques. With a keen understanding of branding, Printipy helps clients establish a sustainable brand while ensuring their end users attain brand resonance. Furthermore, they are armed with the right professionals to help reposition your brand by making informed decisions. They have a great clientele including Chipper Cash, Watu, Seamfix, House of Chi among others.

2. State of the Arts Agency: State of the Arts Agency has the reputation and extensive industry experience to partner with and reposition its clients. Notably, State of the Art Agency employs world-class designs and brand strategies to enhance the competitiveness of brands under their portfolio.

3. DODO Design Agency: This Lagos based design agency offers branding, market research, UX/UI design, and web and mobile app development services.

4. Brand Envoy Africa: Founded in 2015, Brand Envoy is a creative marketing agency located in Lekki, Nigeria. The team of 8 specializes in advertising, branding, and market research.

5. Nelson Reids: This marketing and PR agency based in Lagos, Nigeria provides advertising, branding, PR, social media marketing, and email marketing services to small and midmarket companies.


Branding is crucial to any company’s success and hiring professional branding strategists to increase brand awareness is as important, especially if the company’s goal includes more sales and conversions. Printipy is a world-class branding agency created with years of experience and expertise in order to give companies an edge in the Nigerian market operating in any sector.