The elevator speech is a short brief description of your brand and the problem your brand solves, the elevator speech is very important for every brand because it’s a brief narrative about your brand that can be easily remembered by investors or whomever you are pitching to. The elevator speech can be used anywhere such as on your social media bio, job fairs or business expos, Let’s just imagine you are in an elevator with a potential investor or client how would you present your brand, what problems does your brand help to resolve? Here are a few tips on how to master the elevator speech for your brand.

Know the problem your brand is solving: This is very important because every brand must have a problem the brand is solving otherwise the customers, clients or consumers will not patronize you knowing you are only interested in their money. Your brand might not be solving the biggest problems in the world but little realistic problems like finding safe and easy transportation (uber) or helping people find and communicate with their long-distance friends (Facebook) or helping brands understand and embrace their uniqueness with class and creativity (Printipy). The main point is that knowing what problems your brand solve helps to narrow down and explain your brand purpose during an elevator speech.

Know your target audience: knowing the problem you help brands solve is good but that’s not all, you also need to know who the problems are associated with. Sometimes it’s easier to say that the problem you are solving concerns everybody but that is not really true for example you might be in the fashion business and might assume that everybody wears clothes, this is true but there are different kinds of clothes for different occasions, culture or lifestyle your clothes might just be for athletes, business people, celebrities or weddings. So having a clear understanding of who your target audience will make you unique from other brands who offer their products for everybody and this will really help when you are pitching your brand to anyone.

Know your competition: It’s important to know your competition when pitching your brand to anyone because there is always a possibility that a competing brand might be solving the same problems you are solving and you might be asked what makes you different from that brand, so you have to know what makes your
brand different from that brand, so you have to know if your brand is faster, cheaper, older or you have other innovative ways of solving the same problem.

Make sure your pitch is brief: This is very important because to make your pitch memorable it has to be short so it can be easily remembered by the person you are pitching it to, most people tend to make to give every detail of their brand during an elevator pitch but this might just make the investor forget the important information you want to pass across.

Here is a quick hack on elevator pitch by the well-known designer and C.E.O BLIND and THE FUTUR MR CHRIS DO, he said there are three steps to pitch which are
Start with “you know-how” and state the problem
Follow up with “I solve that” or “we solve that” state your solution
“Here is the proof” give examples
Putting all together it will look like this, you know how brands are unable to understand and communicate their uniqueness, we solve that with creativity and class we have helped many brands grow their business.
So I hope with these tips you will be able to master your brand’s elevator pitch with practice, you can also share your comment or experience on the elevator pitch.

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