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For any business, being right where potential consumers are is a key ingredient for success. While there’s no guarantee that getting into prospect faces will always translate directly into sales and revenue generation, it’s a good way to slowly and subtly infuse yourself into the minds of your target audience and gradually encourage the trial of your product or service.  

Why is SEO such a big deal?

SEO has become such a huge deal because it’s the best way to be in front of consumers who are actively looking for what you have to offer. From a user perspective, your appearance before them is totally organic which makes you sound more credible than you would on a TV commercial or an obtrusive pop-up ad that was clearly designed with the intent of “manipulating” them into believing that your brand provides a more authentic solution to their problems. 

With SEO, brands can target important keywords used by their potential customers when searching for information on search engines and optimize their website content with respect to this keyword in order to ensure that they come out on top of the list of results for this search query. 

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving both the content of a website and the website itself to help search engines recognize it as resourceful and recommend its content to users when they search for information on search engines. 

As covered in one of our recent articles, there are three types of SEO and they include; 

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Technical SEO, and 
  3. Off-page SEO.

Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization holds several benefits for new or long-existing brands. A few of those benefits include; 

  1. Increasing brand visibility 

With a properly executed SEO strategy, brands can create more online presence and gain more recognition. This also helps consumers when attempting to confirm the credibility of a brand at the point of engagement. Having a significant digital footprint will help to bolster the confidence of potential consumers in the brand. 

  1. Increasing TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) for brands 

Top of Mind Awareness, often referred to as TOMA by marketing professionals (P.s; i used to hate the abbreviation but it grew on me as well. So don’t worry, if you are just like I was, it’s only a matter of time) is quite similar to brand visibility. However, TOMA speaks more to not only being known in a general sense but being at the forefront of consumers’ consideration. For instance, Netflix being the first streaming platform you’d think about if you wanted to stream an Episode of the Witcher. That wouldn’t mean you don’t know about other streaming platforms. It only means it’s the first you’d most likely consider when you think about that niche or service. Now, that’s top of mind awareness. 

  1. Influencing customers’ purchase decision 

Just as I established in point number one, SEO could play a major role in influencing consumers’ purchase decisions. From positioning you favourably at the point of search or considerations to providing consumers with a receipt of credibility by showing your digital footprint. All of these things contribute to nudging prospects towards becoming active customers. 

  1. Improving engagement

With SEO, brands can increase their website visits which in turn could affect their email sign-ups and create a basis for other engagements like content downloads. The higher brands show up on the search result list for keywords related to them, the better their chances of securing these engagements that could translate into sales opportunities in the long run. 

It’s okay if all of this still sounds a little too much for you to throw into the mix of your current work routine or deliverables. You don’t always have to do it all by yourself. If you are looking for some assistance, we’ve got the right sidekicks for you. 

Here’s a list of the top 5 best SEO companies in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Top 5 SEO best SEO companies in Lagos, Nigeria 

  1. SEO Nigeria 
  2. Webclick 
  3. Printipy 
  4. Wild Fusion 
  5. Rocks View Digital Hub.

Printipy is one of the favourites of all five companies and that is because of their unique approach towards search engine optimization and how they have driven results for some of Nigerians newest startups in a very short time. Contact any of these agencies. Grow your ranking on search results today and monitor its effect on your business. 

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