So many people have had this misconception that when we talk about a brand the first thing that comes to mind is a logo, but this is not truly a logo is just a part of the brand, not the brand itself.

Your logo is the visual mark that identifies and differentiate your brand from other brands, the big question is what is the difference between a brand and a logo? a logo gives a visual identity to your audience which makes them identify with your brand while the brand is the promise given by the company to the people.

Many brands make the mistake of thinking that once the logo is designed that the brand is complete meanwhile there are other factors that must be considered when branding e.g. brand message, brand strategy, advertising, emotional appeal and visual identity.

What makes a good brand?

A good brand is one that produces the right feeling or emotions from the customers after the customers receive the brand’s product or services, your brand goes beyond your visual graphics, it is more than that it’s your service, advert, brand message, endorsement, Social media campaign, your website and many more showing your brand personality and message so when next you want to think of rebranding don’t just go straight to the logo, do proper research and filter out your core values and message.

What makes a good logo?

Your brand is very important so also is your logo because your logo gives a visual identity to your brand and overtime becomes a memorable representation of your product or services for example when you see the Apple logo you immediately remember the quality tech products they offer, the logo on its own is just a mark or symbol to represent the company but the reason it’s so effective is because of the quality of service and products you’ve experienced or seen from adverts or friends (branding).

 But before your logo becomes really associated with your brand it has to be easily memorable that is, your logo has to be easy to remember at all times cause people might be too busy to pay close attention to your logo, another important factor is that your logo needs to be timeless so you don’t have to change or redesign it for a long time and finally your logo must be legible so it can work on any surface either big or small so that it can represent your brand anywhere at any time.

Why do you need branding?

Branding is important because through branding you will be able to understand and communicate the core value and message of your brand to your audience, and most times through proper branding your audience will start advertising your product and services. This is why we at Printipy pay close attention to details when it comes to branding because we understand that branding is beyond the visual representations and a good brand strategy will not just create a long-lasting interaction but also influence more interactions.

Why do you need a logo?

A logo might not be the first thing that comes to the table when branding but it is also important because with a well-designed logo your brand would have a memorable visual representation of your brand but when I say “well-designed” I don’t just mean the illustration, mark, colour or typography I also mean its uniqueness and its ability to grab attention among other well-known logos in your area of expertise and that is why we at Printipy also give a level of research and analysis when producing a brand logo because we understand that a logo is a visual identity that must represent a brand distinctively.


Branding is much more than its logo design and it’s very important for every company to have proper branding, logos are also important because with logos a brand can be easily identified visually, so when next you want a rebrand, make sure you understand your core value and message before later moving on to your logo design or redesign.

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